We are in the most crucial time in all of history. Here in the U.S. we are a few weeks away from the next Presidential election that is monumental to say the least. This nation, as a leader in the world in many respects, has been teetering on the edge of disaster or destruction for many decades. Yet the Lord has stayed His hand of judgment, and to our surprise, the nation goes on. Terrorism continues, economic crisis looms, morality continues to disappear. How much more can a people, a nation, an economy and God take?What is our proper response to all of this, and what is our responsibility?

It’s interesting to see the viewpoints and responsestoward politics is almost as diverse within the brethren as it is within the general population. Some feel a responsibility to be very political active, and others that want nothing to do with it. Others that are confused or feel helpless. So what is the answer? What is the right perspective that we should take as end-time, biblically based, contenting sons of God? What is God speaking to you about this?Please share your response to this post.

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